I have been seeing Francesca for the past 18 months. I wanted to treat myself to some bodywork and nourishment for my overall well-being. How fortunate I was to find Francesca. I love my sessions and the deep relaxation that the mixture of the Shiatsu Massage and CranioSacral Therapy provide. I start to relax immediately with the warmth of her greeting and her treatment room is perfect. Francesca is always able to find my tense spots and where I am holding my anxiety. The release that I feel is amazing. Thank you Francesca for sharing your gift of healing.


It has been great having Francesca come into our office to do shiatsu massage. When you work in a busy and stressful office, it makes it hard to take the time to go out and get a massage, and with Francesca coming to you and giving you the option of flexible lengths of time make it the ultimate in convenience. Sitting at a desk all day isn't the best for your back, shoulders, etc., and having a relaxing shiatsu massage helps to relieve some of the tension. After Francesca comes into our office, the whole staff is more relaxed, and it creates a healthier office environment. We have had her come in throughout the year, and everyone really enjoys the little treat as well as the change in atmosphere we experience after our massage. We love having Francesca come in, and we plan on having our periodic visits from her for years to come!

Allison with Amarillo Gold

Francesca brings her warmth, empathy, beautiful energy and gentle approach into every treatment. My experiences with her have been life-transforming, inspiring and have allowed my body to heal. One of the things I find so special about working with her is that the sessions are not just about shiatsu or cranio-sacral treatments. They are SO much more, and with the emotional support she provides in her non-judgmental, safe, intuitively guided approach, I have had deep personal insights, felt shifts and releases on inner levels, and overall feel that I've grown as a person as a result of the work. I can't recommend her highly enough!


I feel my overall health has improved since I have been seeing Francesca. With improved diet, exercise and shiatsu every third week I have found I wake up feeling energetic and alive. I can work longer hours and still have energy to enjoy life. I feel shiatsu therapy would help a great number of people that rely on medications or other expensive therapies.

Lance Bratt

Seven years ago I was involved in a couple of car accidents. As a result, I suffered from neck, shoulder and back pain. I visited a chiropractor, physiotherapist and an acupuncturist. I became depressed and tired and I was experiencing digestive problems, and could no longer exercise. Since seeing Francesca and receiving Shiatsu I have learned to listen to my body and mind. My overall health has improved, the pain is not as severe; I have more energy. I digest and sleep better.


As a colleague and a client of Francesca's for over five years, I have felt growth and maturity in her healing touch. Francesca's commitment to self awareness and continued study in the Healing Arts has led her to profoundly support and connect with her clients. I have appreciated Francesca's heart felt questions and ability to listen to my body and my voice while receiving treatments. Recently, I have found her use of CranioSacral therapy effective in addressing old injuries (car accident) and in confronting deeply rooted fears. The benefit of Francesca's touch and commitment to my healing process has left me feeling more physically and emotionally resilient in life.

Melissa Theissen

Through my experience of shiatsu therapy, I have learned to listen to my body. My practicioner, Francesca Del Bianco, has taught me techniques to alleviate my chronic pain while teaching me how it relates to my emotional and psychological well-being. This holistic approach and preventative strategies have allowed me to stop using medication. I have enjoyed increased mobility immediately following each treatment as well as more restful sleep.

Colette Mzarek

It's true that Francesca intuitively knows which muscles need attention. She has a talent for assessing aches and pains and finding spots that you don't even realize need work. Her calm energy and healing hands have helped the pain in my lower back, shoulders and neck, and I'm grateful for her monthly visits to our office. I look forward to every treatment because they feel so good, and they leave me feeling physically and mentally refreshed.


When I first came to Francesca it was for a ongoing pain in my side. It caused me years of trouble. She definitely has magic hands. I continued going as she helps so much, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Francesca is an incredibly nurturing, caring and down right amazing human being. I'm super thankful to have met her.

Amanda Kennedy

When I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009 I thought that life, as I knew it was over. Then I began seeing Francesca for treatments and in a just a few weeks my flexibility was improved, I had more energy and my overall pain was diminished. As the treatments continued I also began to feel more relaxed and optimistic. I am enjoying life again!

Brenda H.

I have suffered from asthma and allergies my entire life. Later in life I discovered that acupuncture would reduce my suffering by 70 percent. The last 2 years with your treatments have been a miracle. I am 48 years old and never imagined I could live life without suffering.

Your time invested in me has reduced my suffering by 95 percent without acupuncture! Seriously I spent the first 46 years believing that I will suffer my entire life and now the rules have changed. 2 years of bliss, I want more.

Thank you for loving what you do. I am blessed by your time!

Michael Corrado

Francesca is very professional and very reliable. She is sensitive, receptive and very passionate about her work. She is an excellent Shiatsu and Craniosacral therapist who consistently and successfully delivers superior results in her treatment. She has helped me to restore better functionality of my pelvic area as well as my neck. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to experience a truly holistic and profound bodywork treatment.


I just wanted to say thanks and that you've got miracle healing hands. Since seeing you, I've had a lot less pain and way more mobility. I can't wait 'til I see you again. I'm finally feeling hopeful that I can get back to a pain free life soon. And that is thanks to you!


Francesca's bodywork is sensitive, intuitive, and respectful. She has been very helpful in identifying and relieving energy and emotional blockages, which manifest in physical disturbances.

I find her approach to be more helpful that the other massage and bodywork I have experienced over the last eleven years. I highly recommend Francesca.


I have experienced short and hour long sessions of therapy with Francesca. In each session I have experienced an immediate sense of relaxation and peacefulness, which continued to deepen during the massage. Whatever condition I came with - tension in neck and shoulders, lower back pain - I left refreshed, feeling lighter, younger and reenergized.


I had knee surgery 7 years ago and my doctor told me I would always experience a certain degree of discomfort and swelling from time to time. Four months ago I started seeing Francesca and I have been pain-free for over a month now, even though this is usually the worst time of year for me.

Francesca's treatments are always focused and professional. She is a caring individual who manages to root out the underlying issues of my problems and treat them effectively. I can honestly say my quality of life, both physically and emotionally, has improved since becoming her client.

Brian S.

I have a couple of stress related pain points that flare up when I take on too much. Francesca does a fantastic job at alleviating the pain point and more importantly she somehow finds an outlet for the stress. The benefits I get after a 60 minute treatment are immeasurable. Thanks Francesca!


Francesca is brilliant in her work; she is not only knowledgeable, but insightful and caring! She's excellent and I'd highly recommend her!!

Jean Chose

Shiatsu by Francesca, is amazing! She is very intuitive and open to whatever this client throws at her in the healing process. She allows me to feel safe in releasing physical and emotional stresses. I always feel better -- even when I thought I didn't really need (read: deserve!) a treatment.

Safe, relaxing and subtle, shiatsu is a very deep, profound healing therapy in my humble opinion.

Nomi Lyonns
Paradise Found Yoga

I've had the benefit of Francesca's Shiatsu Therapy for over 4 years and in all honesty I think this wonderful woman is a true healer.

Not only have I benefited from her knowledge and expertise but I have also brought her talent and chair massage services to the offices of the Vancouver International Film Festival. Every Friday during our peak season just prior to the Festival launch, our staff sign up for 15 minute incremental sessions and everyone raves about the stress relief she provides. We also hire her to come to the Festival's main venue once screenings get underway so she can work her magic on the stressed out staff and tired film guests.

I would strongly encourage staff managers and festival organizers to enlist Francesca's services for your staff and guests as well, it is great for morale and boosts production as well. Healthy people are happy people.

Robert Albanese
Exhibitions Director
Vancouver International Film Festival

I was recovering from a severe back injury and was only able to work three days a week on-call. When I started going to regular appointments with Francesca my recovery accelerated so quickly that I was able to return to permanent, full-time work. Francesca has a rare combination of excellent technical skill and education, with a profoundly intuitive approach. She makes a safe and comfortable space for healing.

Anika Stafford

Francesca has helped me immensely with a variety of injuries and health issues. Most recently, I was suffering from vertigo, and after just one craniosacral treatment, felt able to return to work. It's been more than six months and I haven't had a recurrence, but if I ever do, my first call will be to her!

Jennifer P.

CranioSacral treatments with Francesca have helped alleviate the chronic neck and back pain that had been troubling me for years.

Working with Francesca has helped me to cope with my anxiety. Through regular Shiatsu and CranioSacral treatments, I have been able to let go of stress and I feel more relaxed, energized, positive and grounded. Francesca really takes the time to understand my issues and provides custom treatment, as well as practical advice.


Francesca has such a way with people! She is warm, caring and you can really see the passion she has for healing people. That passion is translated in to talent with Shiatsu therapy. She immediately can tell the areas that are bothering you and helps to relieve the pain. She also follows up with suggestions for stretches to keep the muscles from tightening. I highly recommend Francesca and Shiatsu therapy!

Heather Thomas

Francesca immediately assessed my tightness and associated it to the right places in my body without me telling her of all my aches. I trust her treatments and I can discuss anything that bothers me, especially psychologically, since she says everything is connected. I know it's her great skills that give me relief but since it is transferred through her hands I call them Healing Hands (just short of Mother Theresa).

It is really too bad that our health care system doesn't recognize Shiatsu as valid medical treatments but since I have such great success having these treatments, I rather pay for them out of my own pocket and feel great afterwards. For me a treatment session is absolute relaxation.

Ody Meyer

For the past year I have been training to compete in the Vancouver to Whistler Granfondo. I had been training long and hard to do well. With all the training both on the bike and in the Gym, I began to develop lower back pain and sciatic pain. The pain was so bad that it was difficult to dress in the mornings. I could not ignore the pain any longer. I needed help. Help came in the form of Francesca Del Bianco. Using a unique intertwining of Shiatsu and CranioSacral therapies, I experienced relief almost immediately. After three sessions, I was completely pain free and able to resume training. The speed of recovery is what impressed me the most. I can say that the speed of recovery was almost miraculous after the treatments. I am also a practical type of person who doesn't try to over think things, but I was also touched by Francesca's compassion and her genuine concern for my well-being. Her skill and her compassion made me feel relaxed never doubting that I was "good hands" and in the hands of a healer. I am grateful for the care and effectiveness of Francesca's treatments. I am also grateful that I continue to be pain free... Thanks Francesca!!!

Father Eugenio Ambrose Aloisio
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